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"Morales artfully presents the decidedly implausible... as tantalizingly possible." - Kirkus Reviews

A World War II novel. 

Shortlisted for the DANTE ROSSETTI Book Awards for Young Adult Fiction. 

"The Dante Rossetti Book Awards recognize emerging new talent and outstanding works in the genre of Young Adult. The Dante Rossetti Book Awards is a genre division of Chanticleer International Book Awards (#CIBA)."

The gist

Six orphan boy scout rejects find themselves conscripted by British Intelligence for a covert mission to infiltrate the Hitler Youth deep inside Nazi Germany. 

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Kirkus Reviews

"A thrilling war tale well-suited to a YA audience. The plot crackles with high adventure and briskly paced action."

Readers' Favorite

"An action packed adventure that I would recommend ... Totally worth 5-stars ... 

Great book, I loved it."

Windy City Reviews

 "The plot is intriguing, the characters are well developed, and the scenes are authentic ... an enjoyable and insightful read."


 "This is an excellently written story. This is historical fiction right up there at the top rung ... and one that suggests a sequel to come. (we hope)." 

Online Book Club

"This is a very captivating book that I found difficult to put down ... an adventurous page-turner that made me miss a heartbeat several times."

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