About my work


"This is an excellently written story. This is historical fiction right up there at the top rung." -International Writers Inspiring Change


"I'm the mother of two Eagle Scouts. As a Catholic and historical fiction lover, this story wrapped me in a bear hug and wouldn’t let go." -Debbie F., Goodreads


"The way Dan Morales writes is a different style than most authors, which makes his book fun to read ..." -Andrew McFarland, Teen Reviewer, Readers' Favorite

About me

 I was born in Evergreen Park, Illinois and raised in Burbank, 

a southwest suburb bordering Chicago.


My past endeavors include stock boy, warehouse forklift driver, steel mill production scheduler, corporate trainer. I've sold sandwiches, stereos and typewriters, brake equipment and truckloads of structural steel tubing, and now I'm trying to sell a book. I've been a bouncer, a DJ, a bartender, sometimes all three on the same night. I worked for four days on the 1993 Academy Award nominated film The Fugitive, resulting in 1.3 seconds of screen time opposite one of my boyhood heroes, Harrison Ford.

People can't believe I still bring that up.


Since earning my B.A. in Advertising from Columbia College, I've become an award-winning senior copywriter, creative and content specialist for Chicago ad agencies great and small.  

I'm a member of the Historical Novel Society, the Chicago Writers Association and the Alliance of Independent Authors. I'm presently working on book two of my World War II action-adventure series The Scouts of St. Michael. 

Questions? Ask me directly.